Useful Tips


We recommend the use of Tui Wood Wax and Wool Natural Firelighters. They are made from recycled wood and wax, light very easily and are completely non-toxic. This product is available at most hardware stores and supermarkets. 

  1. Place small layer of charcoal on BBQ charcoal tray
  2. Put in one piece of Tui Wood Wax and Wool Natural Firelighter 
  3. Add a few more pieces of charcoal and light
  4. In 10–15 minutes you’re ready to BBQ  

We also light our Little BBQs with a propane/butane mix blowtorch. We saw this in Japan and had to try it for ourselves. It’s quite a lot of fun and is even quicker than the natural firelighters. These are available at most hardware and cookware stores. 

  1. Fill the BBQ about halfway with charcoal
  2. Light blowtorch and wave evenly over charcoal
  3. Once charcoal is alight add a few more pieces
  4. Start cooking 



Liquid firelighters are not recommended for these BBQs as it may flavour the food.

Fanning the BBQ with vents open will help achieve a very hot fire. This material can be heated up to 800 degrees C. Never use water to clean or cool diatomaceous earth.

Standard charcoal is fine for general use. Hardwood charcoal will last longer but takes longer to heat up.

All BBQs come with detailed instructions on care and use from Japanese manufacturers. We have translated this into English in case your Japanese is a little rusty.